Plate 1

A symbol of how much the collector trusts the artist.

Plate 1 is an important piece to me. Not only is it the only image minted in 2021 on my contract, but it’s extremely unique in that the final artwork has been unrevealed.

I chose to do this because I love reflecting on the NFT industry through my art using the tech in a subtle way. Seeing PFPs unrevealed at mint, many in the industry blindly mint and trust the artwork by the team will be desirable and valuable to them.

I found this phenomenon unique to this developing industry and want this piece of art to reflect that in its reveal. There are hints in the metadata if you care to follow the lead, adding another layer of tech into the art’s secrecy.

This piece is significant because not only is it an important image to me personally, but it represents the full trust of the artist in this industry; just as one trusts a team with a blind PFP mint.

Image to be revealed after acquisition.

Available on the Ethereum blockchain on SuperRare