Jessica Cardelucci

fine art photographer


My photographs are a personal collection of moments that reveal my most genuine and beautiful depictions in the world around us. Preserving precious moments in time, my images embody the way I remember them and convey a true emotional experience. I hope you will fall in love with these moments as I did.



Born and raised in southern California, Jessica's endless fascination with photography started from the very beginning. There was never a childhood trip where she didn't insist on having a camera in her grasp. Never giving up on her favorite hobby, she continuously refined her skills with a true passion for the art of photography and nature. Her boundless love for horses taught her an understanding of nonverbal communication that effortlessly translates through her photographs using the power of emotion.

To broaden her skills, she attended Chapman University where she obtained a BFA in graphic design. For a short time photography took a back seat while she followed a career in design— until she traveled to the Galapagos Islands. Experiencing the untouched beauty and wildlife of the islands reclaimed her love for photography and inspired her to focus on preserving the natural beauty surrounding her in the USA.

Her truest passions that inspire her work are horses and the sea, places where she always returns. She strives to make sure that everyone who lays eyes on her photographs falls in love with them the same way she did when she took them. Just from viewing her images, one can appreciate how important it is to stop and appreciate the world around us.

Portrait by Jana Williams


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